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Snape: Manga Style

Title: Snape: Manga Style
Type: Manga Toning, Inking
Character: Snape
Media: Inked with Pilot 0.5 Felt Tip pen, Toning in Photoshop CS
Warnings: Lazily done toning....XD
Description: Just old cranky looking Snape calling out Potter

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Found out what was wrong with my computer being damn cranky about my art programs. Turned out that it couldn't abide my cheap-o tablet. ^^; So for the meantime I'm stuck with using only my mouse. It takes a lot of patience which I don't think I have a lot of so...greyscale pics are so much easier to do than colored ones. Hence, this manga-y Snape. ^^; Hope ya'll like it!
p.s. I just toned his hair dark after an hour or so of deliberation...not quite satisfied with it though. >_<

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
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Tags: fanart snape
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