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FanArt: Manga Veela!Draco Malfoy

Title: Manga Veela!Draco Malfoy
Rating:GP Tis Just Draco yo!
Type: FanArt Manga Style of a Veela Draco
Character: Veela!Draco Malfoy
Media: Pencil, Gtech 0.4, Photoshop for the Toning
Warnings: Hmmm....lazily done toning? XD A little fat on the neck? *shrug*
Description: My version of a Veela!Draco done in Manga Style

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Hmm I was really lazy on this. Mostly because its just something to post before I finish two pieces which I'm planning to color. One being a Neko:Harry and the other being a Bleach-Naruto Crossover.

Anyways back to the piece. I got inspired by this Yaoi manga I read in stormheaven.net I forgot exactly the title since I've read it a year ago or some such. ^^; Yeah.

So since Veelas are birdlike creatures I just wanted to put a touch of that on my Draco Malfoy. There was supposed to be a long haired version but it was even more lazily drawn than this. Lol. So yeah...^^;

If people might want me to. I could post up the inked outlines of my Neko Harry...or the BleachNaruto Xover...:D

P.S. Background inspired by the wonderfully creative keio

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
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Tags: draco malfoy, fanart, veela
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Nice. Though, why did you add 'Snarry' as character?
Oops! Thanks for the telling me I must've forgotten to change it! XD Ahhhh darnitsall! >_
Those feathers are so pretty *steals some* And Draco of course too! I love how it looks like it could be taken directly from a manga :D
Really? It looks like its from a manga? Cool! XD
Hahaha yeah...Draco's already pretty as is...but put some feathers....even prettier. lol
OOOOh! He's so cute :D Great job!
Draco's adorable...attach some cute fluffy feathers....more cuteness! XD
Thanks for the comment! :D
Gah! Made of win.^^ Looks like pro stuff. I guess the bg helps with that..
The BG took me quite a while to figure out...
I just had to get all the layers of it overlapping right...
Not to mention controlling the opacity..
Good thing it turned out alright! :D
Thanks for the comment!
Makes me want to tickle him from behind the ear. XDD I bet it's all downy and soft and I BET you Young Master Malfoy's gonna sputter out a bitchy, pouty little rant that's JUST worth it. XDDD

And since when did I influence your backgrounds? >.> FINALLY THERE'S A BACKDROP!! XD
O_o Since I went diving through your Lj...that's when :D