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Persocom: H. Pewter

Persocom: H. Pewter

I got bitten by keio's Persocom Madness. Her Sirius and CMyka's Kabu are sooooo cool. This got me thinking of my own "Pewter" although its just a home computer....unlike their cooler LapTops ;__;

I just call him "Pewter" for computer but Hee-chan got me thinking of actually giving him a better name. I have two candidates for his first name:

-Harry (Pun included)

So anyone who does happen to comment on my lowly LJ can vote on which sounds better....XD Or if you have a better idea...tell me. O_O

It's been decided. I now formally dub him as Horus Christopher Pewter which stands for "Home Computer"...XD

He's gonna be paired up with q_in's new Laptop Persocom "ASH". Mostly just in the world of Hee-chan's Persocom AU in the LJ community at ringomogu which is f-locked at the moment and to join thou hast to ask for keio's permission :D

Now this is just a little doodle I did today of Pewter in between studying for my Entomology (Insects) Midterms. T___T I have to draw or else I get too bored studying. XD

P.S. That's me being hassled by Pewter at the bottom....T__T I'm too lazy to clean my HD...yet again ^^;

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Name: Horus Christopher Pewter
Sex: Male
Age: 20 (3rd Year College; Biology)
Hair Color: Mainly white (platinum) with Black streaks (Bangs)
Eye Color: Dark Green (MUSHISHI!)
Height: 5'3
Likes: Reading SciFi and Fantasy Books,Listening to MP3s,Playing Online Games,Watches Anime (Otaku to the max),Nagging (Me: aka Ahou),Lecturing people on what's right and wrong( also me T__T),Debating
Dislikes: Laziness (He hates me), Multitasking (He usually shuts down when I do too manyt things at once), Overburdened HD (I sooo really need to purge my Hard drive), Dislikes being told about how short he is...
Physical Description:
Very geeky and is usually seen around his school campus lugging a ton of papers and books. He spends most of his time reading and has his face usually buried in a book or the other. He never leaves home without his headphones and his MP3 player. He's actually older than he looks so gets the monicker of being "A babyface". Kinda dense and clueless most of the time...Usually silent but when around friends gets more talkative.

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He's really cute, Schu! XD What a sweet little nerd. I'll update my version of Pewter soon! XD His seme is the opposite; younger than him, but acts and looks a lot older. XDDD

I think it's the goatee!
It's also because Ash's being Balikbayan and being alot more outgoing than Pewter. XD He looks and acts older than P...and P doesn't mind cuz he's dense and clueless.....and very virgin. O_o
dapat meron ka nang one entry dedicated to all the persocoms, an updated one:p hehehe, or parang poster where all persocom icons can be seen!:p
haha, or persocom trading cards! hahahahaha
Waaaaaaaaaaahhh I only have one Persocom at the moment...
Hmmm but you're right! I might make a sketch of everyone else's as well!
Thanks for commenting! :D
haha, you know what, i thought this was kae's LJ.hahaha...
She also did a persocom for me. haha, goodluck on your persocoms. I think the one you did is uber cool.:D
I saw your persom Viper and he's teh cuteness!
Although Kae was right that he looks like Hitsugaya :D
Thanks! I need all the luck I can get XD