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Word of the Day [28 Sep 2006|07:55am]
Blog-Word! for yorugami_ahou

You're an individual - nobody was found with the same word as you!

Check back later, maybe you'll have some LJ-Word buddies then!

Created by Grahame
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[18 Sep 2006|12:44pm]
Been VERY sick since Thursday...feeling only marginally okay today. T__T
Sucks being sick.
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Icons+BackUp [05 Sep 2006|03:30am]
Finally Pewter sighs in relief as I finally got around to backing up a major amount of files. Mostly my eBooks and a bunch of anime series which I never did finish downloading.
Mushishi's still hanging around until I've finished the last episode. The latest being ep.25 which was still majorly AWESOMENESS.
Other things are that I've been hanging around in my Icon journal quite a lot. Made quite a few icons though I'm nowhere near the Mistress as keio is T__T I still don't get how she makes her icons so pretty and texturized without comprimising the pictures' subjects' quality. Oh well. Practice makes perfect YAPS!

Meme from HeeChan under teh CutsiesCollapse )
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Uke.....T__T [30 Aug 2006|10:45pm]
Holy CRAP! T__T nOT 100%!!!Collapse )

Okay...I may admit that I'm uke...in some way...but cute...huggable.............see my brain fry. >_<
Even that's a little too damn much for me. The picture too. O_o Good gawd......*gurgles and expires on spot*
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Layout Almost Done? [19 Aug 2006|03:44am]
[ mood | Sooooooo? ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Test Journal for those Curious Enough to See How It Looks Like

More Codes That Need TweakingCollapse )
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Layout Construction Project 01 [18 Aug 2006|04:30pm]
[ mood | ARGHHHH!!! ]


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Persocom: H. Pewter [15 Aug 2006|09:11pm]
Persocom: H. Pewter

I got bitten by keio's Persocom Madness. Her Sirius and CMyka's Kabu are sooooo cool. This got me thinking of my own "Pewter" although its just a home computer....unlike their cooler LapTops ;__;

I just call him "Pewter" for computer but Hee-chan got me thinking of actually giving him a better name. I have two candidates for his first name:

-Harry (Pun included)

So anyone who does happen to comment on my lowly LJ can vote on which sounds better....XD Or if you have a better idea...tell me. O_O

It's been decided. I now formally dub him as Horus Christopher Pewter which stands for "Home Computer"...XD

He's gonna be paired up with q_in's new Laptop Persocom "ASH". Mostly just in the world of Hee-chan's Persocom AU in the LJ community at ringomogu which is f-locked at the moment and to join thou hast to ask for keio's permission :D

Now this is just a little doodle I did today of Pewter in between studying for my Entomology (Insects) Midterms. T___T I have to draw or else I get too bored studying. XD

P.S. That's me being hassled by Pewter at the bottom....T__T I'm too lazy to clean my HD...yet again ^^;

Doodle of Persocom: PewterCollapse )
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Icons:Mushishi [11 Aug 2006|12:22pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On to the Mushishi Icon Love!Collapse )

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
X-posted to: mushishi amateuriconists anime_iconage
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FanArt: NekoShounen Harry [15 Jul 2006|02:45pm]
[ mood | Too many projects! ]

Title:Neko-Shounen Harry
Rating:PG? O_o Too much buttage XD Hahahaha
Type: Cheapo Colored Pencil Fanart of Harry Potter
Character: Cat-Boy Harry
Media: Pencil, Gtech 0.4, Cheapo Colored Pencils, Photoshop for FX
Warnings: Elongated torso and hands....Xb
Description: A picture inspired by all the beautiful Cat-Boy Harry slash fanfiction out there! :D Bittersweet Potion being one of the best!

HP:Neko HarryCollapse )

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
X-posted to:hp_fanart,hp_fringeart,hpotterfanart,sopohorous

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FanArt: Manga Veela!Draco Malfoy [25 Jun 2006|08:32pm]
[ mood | *cough wheeze* ]

Title: Manga Veela!Draco Malfoy
Rating:GP Tis Just Draco yo!
Type: FanArt Manga Style of a Veela Draco
Character: Veela!Draco Malfoy
Media: Pencil, Gtech 0.4, Photoshop for the Toning
Warnings: Hmmm....lazily done toning? XD A little fat on the neck? *shrug*
Description: My version of a Veela!Draco done in Manga Style

Manga Style: Veela!Draco MalfoyCollapse )

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
X-posted to:hp_fanart,hp_fringeart,hpotterfanart,sopohorous

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Snape: Manga Style [18 Jun 2006|04:18pm]
[ mood | blah baby~! ]

Title: Snape: Manga Style
Type: Manga Toning, Inking
Character: Snape
Media: Inked with Pilot 0.5 Felt Tip pen, Toning in Photoshop CS
Warnings: Lazily done toning....XD
Description: Just old cranky looking Snape calling out Potter

Snape: Manga StyleCollapse )

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
X-posted to:hp_fanart,hp_fringeart,hpotterfanart,sopohorous

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Summer Entry 01 [07 May 2006|07:24am]
[ mood | >__> ]

Current Status:

-Summer Driving Lessons 05.08.06-05.14.06 [one week]
-Law of Ueki [Ep 42-51 left]
-Summer Research on Chickens [Date unknown]

Current Backlogs:

-Snarry:Food and Mischief Fanfiction Series [Chap 03]
-DeviantArt: Must tend to backlog of artwork in my HD
-Burn surplus data in HD to free up some much needed HD space

Current Mental Obstacle:

-How exactly to talk to people whom I.....
~haven't seen in a long while
~haven't talked at all
~want to hang out with hopefully soon
-When in the world is our research project going to start?!?!? O_O

Yayoi GreenCollapse )

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LiveJournal Hates ME [15 Feb 2006|01:15pm]
Yes it does..
Hate me I mean...
I can't load LJ at home.
I'm updating in school..
Or maybe I should just try again?

Damn. Stupid aircon's busted. =__=
So damn hot here in the computer room in school. /swt2
Ah...anyone want ot leave a message go to my artsite http://ahou.deviantart.com
I'll be more likely to respond..
Or not, just e-mail me. =__=
I also am in Fanfiction.net http://www.fanfiction.net/~yorugamiahou
You can send me a message there too...

Argh. If this loads back home maybe I'll revive my life here. ^^;
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Laziness... [27 Jan 2006|09:07pm]
[ mood | -__- ]


I have been lazy. There is truly no other word for it...
I shoulda been writing the continuation of my Snarry "Food and Mischief" Series...
I even have a plot and all. >_>
I've just been too damn lazy is all. ^^;
Gah. >_>

I mean I know I shouldn't....
and that I should do some more work.
Especially here in LJ.
But...Just can't bring myself to do it.

Methinks its the lack of inspiration or something?
Oh I dunno.
Basta. -__-

I'll try to renew my life here...
Seeing as Hee-chan even improved my LJ page. >.<v Maybe I should think of it as a new year's resolution? Hahaha....yeah right. ^^;

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Honeysuckle on Obsidian Furs [21 Dec 2005|02:57am]
[ mood | Wiritng yet again! ]

Title: Honeysuckle on Obsidian Furs
Author: yorugami_ahou
Rating: NC-17
Type: One-shot
Warning: Just Masturbation...I think >__<
Summary: Harry's at Grimmauld Place, home alone, and spending some quality time with the newly installed black rug in front of the fireplace. He brought a bowl of honey too. I wonder what Snape's gonna think this time? 2k+ words.

Read more...Collapse )

Sequel for this pending for anyone who’s interested
Don’t hesitate to Comment or Review…
Seeing as the more of you do so…
The more I will be inclined to continuing this series of fics…
Yum…I wonder what’s next?

P.S. Happy Holidays to all the Snarry Fans out there!

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Fiction Bonanza~! [20 Dec 2005|03:13am]
[ mood | Writing... ]

Vacation Blues:

I haven't really been doing much this holiday season.
Just lazing around sleeping off all my sleepless days and nights during the past semester.
Actually answering a comments in my DeviantArt page. =__= Surprising I know.
I've also slacked off on my LJ thingy...
But what can I say? I can't draw $h!t during non-school days.


One surprising thing that has happened this break is I'm sorta back to writing.
I'm starting the sequel to my Snarry food series with "Honeysuckle on Obsidian Furs".
Its about a fourth to completion. I think it'll be a lot longer than "Fondue Wishes"
I have a feeling that my drabbles are morphing to one shots...which will probably grow
into a monstrous epic. =__= Bleagh. I'm such a community whore.
I've also updated my Fanfiction.net account.
Posted all my fics there. Probably post Honeysuckle up there too.

In other news, I've also reopened my FictionPress Account here:
Hmmm...I've actually edited my very first fiction attempt by the silly name of "Mornings"
and uploaded it to my Fictionpress.com account. Amazing.

By the way, I've started yet another epic fiction thingy...
This time its Sci-Fi and hopefully it'll be easier.
The name is TerraFormers.

Bleagh. I'll rant about it when I've actually written a chapter or two.

before you will SLEEP FOREVER

Snarry Arpdate! XD [15 Dec 2005|01:18am]
[ mood | Happy Holidays~! ]

Art News:

Snarry Xmas AvatarCollapse )

Mythical BeastsCollapse )
Comments and Criticisms are well appreciated :D

Ac_Ratings Doujinshi Stamp:
Can you believe it? I got stamped as Doujin!Sephy for being mean. XD Gah. I can't help it if I react violently to people who happen to steal money from me. O_< Gah. Nyway, the original post is HERE!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

School Updates:
Ohohohohoh~~~! CHRISTMAS VACATION babeeeeeeeee~~~!!!! XD

Livejournal Projects:
-A Nara Shikamaru Essay in 20_truths (To Be Written)
-Art Exchange in hp_art_xchange (still waiting approval)

Self-Imposed Projects:
-Nara Shikamaru Essay (Willpower needed)
-A Naruto Pic (Postponed)
-A Christmas Snarry pic (DONE)

15 seconds before you will SLEEP FOREVER

FanArt: A Snarry Christmas Card [06 Dec 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | Happy Holidays! ]

Art News:

A Snarry Christmas CardCollapse )

Self-Imposed Projects:
-Nara Shikamaru Essay
-A Naruto Pic
-A Christmas Snarry pic (DONE)

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Failed Snarry Sadness... [05 Dec 2005|07:31pm]
[ mood | Snarry Killz Me... ]

School Issues:

Torture Session with Sir BattaraCollapse )

Art News:

Snarry Ver. 1Collapse )

Self-Imposed Projects:
-Nara Shikamaru Essay
-A Naruto Pic
-A Christmas Snarry Pic

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FanArt Community Bonanza~! [03 Dec 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | burble.. ]

Gawd. I hate my teacher in Research 11Collapse )
Art News:

I've just recently passed two new deviations which is Naruto no Kyuubi:Yoru and HP: Wings of Courage. I haven't been getting a lot of reviews lately. I also got scolded at snape_potter for posting non-snarry related artwork. *double sigh* So in compensation methinks I'll post "Dark Incubus" with this Rant Update to apologize.
Dark Incubus PictureCollapse )
Nyway, here are the new communities I've joined:
-1x2_fans, 20_truths,animefanart
Live Journal ProjectsCollapse )
DeviantArt News:

My friend JoChan finally got herself to get a DA account which I'm so freakishly happy about. After all, she an absolutely great artist. O_O Methinks the only reason she hasn't started it before was because she didn't have a scanner. >_> Then again, she still doesn't have one. Lol. Can't help her there either seeing she's all the way in USC and I'm in CDU. We barely or if ever, see each other in real life anymore. >_<
Her DA Site Link: http://glyth.deviantart.com

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