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FanArt: NekoShounen Harry

Title:Neko-Shounen Harry
Rating:PG? O_o Too much buttage XD Hahahaha
Type: Cheapo Colored Pencil Fanart of Harry Potter
Character: Cat-Boy Harry
Media: Pencil, Gtech 0.4, Cheapo Colored Pencils, Photoshop for FX
Warnings: Elongated torso and hands....Xb
Description: A picture inspired by all the beautiful Cat-Boy Harry slash fanfiction out there! :D Bittersweet Potion being one of the best!

Inked Outline of Neko Harry

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Just wanting to show the before and after effects and all. :D Uhm...just the inked version...wasn't too happy with the overlong torso...oh well. >_> The Photocopier was utter crap too so, though the inked version looks nicer Photocopied....Its bad for coloring. So I used the original for the colored version of this. Hmmm...maybe a little too much detail on the hair and the pillow? O_o But for you Yaoi/Slash lovers out there...bet you see how much effort I put into getting the butt all noticeable and like. XD

Colored and FX ver. of Neko Harry

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Methinks I was a little overboard in the skin toning department. ^^; Ahhh crudness. Oh and to those unfamiliar with my HP:Art...My Harry usually has reddish hair due to my black colored pencil's penchant for running out so damn fast....and the fact that its sorta interesting to put a little of Lily into his hair :D
I also overdarkened the tail a little bit and placed too much detail on the pillow. O.o Also, I tried to get the butt to be perky enough so people would like to oggle it overly. Hehe Hmmm..yeah.Xb

P.S. Comments and Criticism are very much welcomed. Good or bad?
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Tags: catboy, fanart, harry, harry potter, hp
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