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Layout Construction Project 01

With a ton of help from seref and from the tutorial of the great carriep63 I have now undertaken the rather gi-normous task of actually making an LJ layout from scratch. Sadly, my relationship with numbers and logic coding is rather tenuous at best, and it would seem I need quit ALOT of help to even make any kind of decent headway in this fear-inducing ordeal. <--when I start talking like this it really means it's getting quite serious.

Now I've also gotten, with the advise of seref yet again, a test journal with quite an unoriginal name...(HINT: Its just a play with my current username) Though of course she knows it as she is helping me. (I thank the GODS and WHATEVER for your help Tatsumi-san! I REALLY couldn't literally do it without you)

I have a rudimentary idea of wanting it to be vaguely in the swampy, dark-green, and Mushishi related point. However...actually acomplishing this fact (without being too tacky as it just is right now *grimace*) seems to be giving me nightmares ( I could barely sleep last night).

As of now...it looks vaguely like this seeing as this is where I got my base template. (Click on the Preview Link on the page. Scroll in a Box Type Tutorial)

But in reality...I just realized that its SUPAH TACKY! I swear...it has the elegance of those cruddy 5 pesos Christmas Gift Wrappers. *shudders*

I want it somehow to look like this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Credit to the 1024x768 Layout Community. (unfortunately closed)
Now all I have to do is to come up with a great looking picture of Ginko (almost impossible seeing as how small and pixelated my screenshots are and the terrible lack of any good Mushishi art out of the anime...manga suckerz by the way) and somehow make cool looking borders around the huge ass scrollbar-box-thingy. O_o

Then there's the fact of how to cover up the header-image-thingy where LJ puts your Icon and the pics linking where my er...Links go....

SO......there. Headache, migraine and High Blood Pressure in a Nutshell. =__= Garrrrrghhh...
Wish me luck in trying to get through at least anywhere with this.

Any coding help with be MUCH and GREATLY APPRECIATED! XD So help me Mushi!

P.S. Many Thanks for keio for my current Jin-inspired Layout!
P.S.S. Currently in need for the codes on how to overide the comments bar and the comments text. T__T
P.S.S.S. Anyone know the actual pxiel dimensions of a 1024x768 view Journal Page with a fixed background? Cuz my background is/will be fixed. THANKS!

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